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Eyelash Extensions

These are individual lashes attached to your own natural lashs. Our lash extensions can be worn during sleep, showering, swimming, and won't interfere with your daily activities.



Full Set - $100

A full set is seventy to one hundred lashes applied to each eye.

Partial Set - $70

Thirty to forty lashes applied to each eye.

Fill Ins - $35

Up to fifteen lashes per eye.
(Can also be used as an accent on the outer corner of your eyes)


Indian Eyebrow Threading

The ancient Indian art of eyebrow threading gives crisp and well defined arches for the eyebrows, using just a thread. It is also less painful than most types of hair removal. It's very fast and affordable. No products or chemicals are used for the removal of hair and eyebrow shaping. The practice produces precise lines and arches, it is long lasting, and unlike wax it will not make your skin break out.

Call for pricing on Threading